6 December 2009

LIKE 9 - Tales from the SharePoint trenches

I am rather fond of the LIKE (London Information & Knowledge Exchange) events because of their subject matter (more Records / Information / Knowledge Management) and their format. What started as something like a World Cafe has evolved into something more like a dinner party and that means more opportunity for in-depth conversations.

LIKE9 was on the topical and controversial subject of Sharepoint, led by Cerys Hearsey who had plenty of tales to tell from the front-line of the bitter war being fought between IT (Sharepoint lovers) and Business (Sharepoint sceptics).

I'm not sure that I changed my opinion on Sharepoint as a result of the discussions but it was could to hear some stories from other people to reinforce my views/prejudices.

But, as with the TFPL event earlier in the week, the main point of the evening is to mix and chat. This we did at three tables while eating and drinking, having chose what we wanted beforehand so that the bar, The Perseverance, could bring it all at the same time.

The conversations flowed, and we swapped tables a couple of times to change the mix and it all went very well. I remember discussing things like Moonfleet, taxonomies, Crewkerne and selling Information Management. New contacts were made and old ones developed, which is one of the main benefits of events like this. Besides, it's a lot of fun talking to interesting people about things that you are both interested in.

LIKE events are held on the last Thursday of each month and it is no surprised that they are oversubscribed when they are as good as this.

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