2 December 2010

LIKE 20 - Networking with Santa!

"If you don't know who I am then you're crap at networking!"

This provocative comment by Lesley Robinson opened LIKE20's exploration of networking, something we all do but mostly not as well as we could. During the evening we played a few games and shared experiences to try and get a little better.

We started with some speed networking where we swapped some basic details about ourselves, like our names, favourite TV shows, where we live and our last holiday.

A simple technique but having some standard topics to start a conversation with and talking about your holiday probably beats "do you come here often", though, as was pointed out in the group discussion "do you come here often" is entirely appropriate at LIKE events.

And so the evening progressed with networking mingled with discussions about networking in which we all picked up some useful tips. For me it was ideas for breaking in to groups and, much harder, escaping from them again. I also got some useful holiday suggestions, including Lille and Marrakesh.

The networking continued enthusiastically over the buffet (a change for Xmas) and further drinks.

During a lull in the conversations I took the opportunity to capture this picture of some of the other regulars just to show that librarians and information managers are normal people too, even if they like talking about work in the evening.

Somewhere along the line we talked about everything from wikis to charred guinea pigs.

As the evening drew to a close we started thinking about the next event and agreed that the end of January was too far away to wait and that we would squeeze another meeting in over the Xmas break.

It's a testament to the success of LIKE that people would rather go to one of their meetings than be on holiday!

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