3 May 2008

Wishbone Ash 36 years on

Wishbone Ash are, I am very pleased to say, one of the many 70s bands that are still touring. And, as with the other bands, the line up has changed many times but their front man is original member Andy Powell and some of the other members while not originals have been with Ash for some years.

Wishbone Ash are still writing new songs and their concerts include material from their whole career though there is an emphasis on the earlier songs from when the band were more productive and innovative. Their eponymous first album from 1970 includes the 10 minute jam Phoenix which became an anthem for the band and remains a fixture at all gigs.

I did not see Wishbone Ash at their zenith (living in darkest Dorset made gig going difficult) but I had seen them before, in a warehouse in Chichester (!) a couple of years ago. That was a good gig so when the opportunity came to see them again I jumped at the chance.

The London set was a little different from the rest of their current tour as instead of just including the highlights of their classic album from 1972, Argus, (such as Warrior and Throw Down the Sword), they played all of it. Needless to say this was very well received and the audience was a mass of people singing along and shaking their heads in time to the music in ageing rocker style - no mosh pit here!

The band clearly enjoyed the night as much as we did and Andy Powell told us that his love of the music kept him playing so we can hopefully look forward to many more Wishbone Ash gigs to come.


  1. Hi Matthew - Thanks for reminding me of Wishbone Ash. At the time I could not afford buying much music, but now I can. So I am downloading Argus from iTunes as I am typing this. I was a great Pink Floyd Fan, but these guys disappeared below my radar then. Great music.

  2. Anders, I did not buy any Wishbone Ash albums at the time either, also because of lack of funds, but we swapped tapes like mad at school and listened to the radio so I was aware of them and their music. I started buying their back catalogue about 10 years ago when they came out on budget price CDs. One of the joys of getting older is having the time and money to pursue earlier pleasures!


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