19 January 2007

Belbin Team-Role Report for Rees, Matthew

I have never been a fan of Belbin because I deliberately play different roles within a team according to the situation, e.g. as Chair of Governors I lead governors meetings, at KATA I sit back quietly and listen and at BCSA I play a supporting role to the Chair (I hope!). That said, I was a little surprised how true some of the comments on the Belbin test I did this week were.

Here's an extract:
For a thinking and analytical person, you have an outgoing outlook and personality. This offers you special advantages in the role of an adviser to others or as assessor of external resources. We would expect you to be very well informed about everything that is going on, due not so much to your specialised technical expertise as to your broad interest in everything that is happening. You have an aptitude for being at the right place at the right time. For you, "Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted". Hence, your advice can be widely appreciated because it can often throw a new and unexpected light on things that are commonly taken for granted.

One of your additional values in an organization is to help it stop "re-inventing the wheel". You are not afraid of making contact with the people who can help. This could make you the counter to those who resist outside influences or the "not invented here" brigade. If you choose to make a stand it will be because you have thought it through. One of your special roles might be as the guardian against proceeding with anything that could soon become obsolete.

Your ideal operating role is that of an investigator. In occupational terms, it comes close to that of a detective. Your probing mind can be a force for progress. So whatever job you may be in, you should be a force for improving what is there.
This sounds just right for a Management Consultant!

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