29 June 2008

Top telly

It's season end for several dramas and they are all coming to an end nicely. The Daleks are bit of an easy clue that one of those dramas is Dr Who. The finale has been well publicized so we all knew that we would have the Daleks back, this time with their creator Davros, and that many of the characters from the four new series would be joining the Doctor, but that was just the icing on the cake of a cracking story. Sadly I have to wait a week for the final part and even sadder that is the last series of Dr Who for a couple of years.

Also about to close is Heroes 2. Somewhat curtailed by the long-running writers strike in the USA, this is still proving to be a confusing and compelling story. The novelty of the first series has gone but the new series is flourishing without this advantage, And like one of the main characters, Professor Suresh, I still have no ideas who are the goodies and who are the baddies!

The final series coming to a close this week is House which has now provided four series of rich comic dialogue that more than makes up for the fact that I have no idea what is going on each week with the medical diagnosis; lupus gets mentioned most weeks and I still do not know what it is!

The thing that connect these three programmes for me is that they all know what their respective strengths are, and they are all different, and they play to them strongly. They are all very good television programmes and will be missed.

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