30 June 2008

School meetings

As the school year draws to a close it is time to tidy up a few loose ends, which means a few more meetings than usual.

The main event was an internal workshop that we held on the effectiveness of the governing body. This was done using a self assessment framework developed by Kingston Council.

It was not always obvious that what the Council thinks makes an effective governing body is what we think it is but it was a useful, and positive, meeting that identified a few actions that we can take to improve the way that we work.

As usual, the constraint is people's time as all governors are busy so we will have to limit what we want to do so that it matches what we have the capacity to do.

And also as usual, I took a few actions myself having gone to the meeting with the intention not to.

The other meetings were less interesting but necessary. They covered topics like reviewing the school's budget, which is always difficult given the poor way that the Council's finance systems report information.

The school meetings are now over until September but there are lots of actions to complete before then.

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