25 February 2016

Open Mic Night at The Oak (25 February 16)

On this Thursday evening I happened to be in Kingston to watch councillors approve a major development on The Old Post Office site despite it not meeting the conditions they had imposed on it previously (that's another long and painful story) so it made good sense to wander up to The Oak afterwards to see some of the Open Mic Night.

The other meeting finished around 9pm so I got to The Oak earlier than usual. This meant that I could catch more of the music than usual, which was good, and I could drink more than usual, which was possibly less good.

My first job was to video Maria and support do a lively rendition of the Chaka Khan hit Ain't Nobody. Maria asked me to do this and trusted me with her phone to make the recording. I resisted the temptation to do a few Facebook updates but not the temptation to play around a little with the filming, I even tilted the camera at one point as is my habit.

It was brilliant to see Catherine Paver there again after not having seen her for quite a while. She has a refreshingly different style helped by writing her own songs. I recognised Mexico from before but the comic Evil Kingston was a new one on me.

There were friends there as well as performers, notably Colin and Peter, so it was a sociable evening as well as a musical one. A good evening all round.

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