5 June 2008

Strawbs, Half Moon, Putney

At the request of friends, I have gone to a few concerts recently where I had heard of the band but did not know their music that well. Strawbs was the latest example.

They opened with the only song that I recognised, their '72 hit single Lay Down, after that I was in the musical dark.

Strawbs sounded much as I expected, i.e. early 70s rock, except for being a bit less folk and a bit more prog.

My favourites were two lengthy prog rock songs (no idea what they were called) with extended riffs that made full use of the three guitars, keyboards and drums line-up (played mostly 1-1-3 but with the bass coming to the front occasionally, as shown here, to make it a flat 1-4 formation).

Srawbs provided a lively night out that was heartily enjoyed by the packed hall, but, for me, while there was nothing wrong with the evening at all, and I am glad that I went, there was nothing remarkable enough to make me want to see them again or to try out their back catalogue. I don't do stars but if I did then this would get 3/5.

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