25 June 2008

Fun at the BCSA Garden Party

This year's BCSA Garden Party defined the pessimistic weather forecast and was a wonderful afternoon.

The attractions included a generous buffet prepared by the chef at the Czech Embassy, plenty to drink though I stuck to the Budvar, Slovak music and dancing from Karpaty, a barbecue and a very popular raffle.

But the main attraction was the other guests with around 200 people to talk to.

I went with a friend that I worked with in Prague almost twenty years ago and we mixed like troopers. Several people there had been to one of the BCSA socials at West Hampstead so we were easily able to talk to them, and to their friends, and their friends' friends, ...

Somehow it was suddenly 7pm and time for the Garden Party to end. A small group of us moved the short distance to the pub across the road and then a smaller group of us moved on to the nearest Italian restaurant where we stayed until almost the midnight hour when I took an interesting route home that involved three 28 buses!

I'm already looking forward to the BCSA Annual Dinner at the end of November.

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  1. Matthew - It sounds like you had a really good day (and night!) out. Always interesting to mix with other cultures, their customs and people.


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