6 June 2008

KATA quarterly meeting

Kingston Area Travellers' Association (KATA) meets informally once a quarter to chat about anything to do with public transport in the Kingston upon Thames area.

A lot of the conversation at the last meeting revolved around buses as we heard the latest news about, and discussed the implications of, changes to bus routes and timetables, positioning of bus stops, location information displayed in buses (the new iBus system), problems with access ramps, and freedom passes.

The reason for this is understandable as the bus service locally has improved dramatically over the last few years with more routes, more buses per route and an increasing number of 24 hour routes.

Sadly, we were less optimistic about the future now that the man responsible for most of these improvements, Ken Livingstone, is no longer Major of London and has been superseded by Boris Johnson (BoJo).

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