18 June 2008

Tereza Buskova - Rituals

I came across Tereza Buskova a couple of years ago, through my Czech connections, and have been a fan of her work ever since. I have one of her prints in my living room.

Her latest show is Rituals at Gallery one one one in Central London.

This is a small show consisting of a video, four prints and a construction, the crown used in this print. The prints look rather like stills from the video which makes the show feel like one piece of work that happens to consist of six parts.

The subject matter and style of the work is familiar territory for Tereza (see examples of her previous work here) but I think that Rituals is a more satisfying work.

The two things that really really like are the use of colour and the representation of depth, as demonstrated by this picture (and by this one).

The background colour is gorgeous and nicely graduated. This sets the scene for the colours in the hat and on the body. And the shadow on the body gives depth to the picture. The overall effect is just luscious. Rituals is on until 23 August and I will be going again.

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