1 June 2008

Silence In The Library

I had high expectations for this week's episode of Dr Who, Silence In The Library, and it more than lived up to them.

The expectations were high because the episode was written by Steven Moffat who wrote some of the very best episodes in the Dr Who revival, including The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances in the first series and the multiple award winning Blink in the third.

The expectations were met as there were all the familiar elements of a Moffat script, including genuine terror (being consumed by your own shadow), plot complexities that keep you guessing (how does the girl's doctor know that the library is real? - I have my theory!), and genuine character development (we even found out things about the expendables).

Swap the terror for comedy and you have Steve Moffat's Coupling (first broadcast in 2000) which was the first time that he came to my attention - and script writers have to be good for me to notice them!

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