13 June 2008

Another good BCSA social

The (fairly) regular BCSA socials and the Czech and Slovak National House in West Hampstead are proving to be successful with a small hardcore there most months (myself included) and a few new faces each time.

This mix of the old and the new means that the conversation starts easily and that we have both familiar and unexpected things to talk about. A highlight of this week's meeting was the story about a young woman's visit to Michael Winner's house for an interview. I'll leave what happened (or what somebody tried to make happen) to your imagination, but you won't be far wrong!

One of the newer faces is proving to be fun but possibly dangerous as she persuaded some of us away from our usual Pilsner Urquell on to the Slivovitch.

We will all be meeting up again, this time with a lot more people, at the Annual BCSA Garden Party on 21 June. It will be a blast!

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