24 June 2008

A glorious day in London

I am trying to live up to my mantra that we pay for being in London through our house prices etc. and so we should make the effort to reap the benefits of London that we have paid for.

So last weekend I took the scenic route to the BCSA Garden Party which started, predictably enough, at the V&A. This is always a joy and always offers up unexpected pleasures, mainly because the whole place is such a delightfully confusing mess that you always find yourself somewhere that you are pretty certain was not there the last time that you looked.

This time I caught the new construct in the garden (pictured), buzzed around the architecture section, marvelled at the section on 100 years of structural engineering, and skipped through the section on iron work which was not on my original plan but would have been if I had know that it was there and what was in it.

After that I took a stroll along Exhibition Road that was filled with artefacts and people,but no cars. Being a happy tourist for the day, I took a few photos for the scrap album.

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