4 June 2008

Sparks: Music That You Can Dance To

Sparks' 14th concert in their series of 21 was their relatively obscure album Music That You Can Dance To from 1986.

The concert was a bit of pot-luck for me as I did not know the album at all, nor did I make any attempt to, and I simply relied on the ability of the Mael brothers to deliver.

They delivered.

The music was of it's time and, as the title suggests, was music with a strong dance flavour. There was also a clue in the title of the last song, Let's Get Funky.

But it was definitely Sparks too and it bounced along joyfully for an hour or so. I was hearing these tracks for the first time but a few impressed immediately; enough to want to buy the album but that is proving to be difficult and it only seems to available from obscure sites in the USA.

Another mystery about the album is the track listing. The discography on the official Sparks website includes the track The Armies Of The Night but not the single Change that is on the version of the album available from Amazon where the title of the album is given as The Best Of Sparks - Music That You Can Dance To.

In the end we got the best of both worlds as Sparks performed Music That You Can Dance To as described on their website and also gave us Change as a well deserved and much enjoyed encore.

And just to make the evening complete, I treated myself to the tour t-shirt which I will be wearing to the three Sparks concerts that I am going to in the next ten days :-)

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