31 May 2008

Yardbirds and Zombies

Who could miss the opportunity to see two legendary bands from the 60s play on the same bill. Not me, even if it meant going to Croydon to do so!

The Yardbirds were on first. For the purists there are two of the original members still in the band, on rhythm guitar and drums, but for most of us the music was all that mattered and they rocked! They played a lively mix of early material, including the wonderful Shapes of Things and the surprising Dazed and Confused, as well as some more recent songs from their 2003 album Birdland.

The Yardbirds are famous for their lead guitarists and the current incumbent Ben King fills the role magnificently leading the band through an hour of wonderful rock music. More please!

A short intermission and then the Zombies take the stage with Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent as twin front-men, though I am not sure what the point of the matching suits and shirts was (at least Rod Argent took his jacket off).

The Zombies' set also covered forty years of music and included all the expected hits from the Zombies (She's not there), Colin Blunstone (I don't believe in miracles) and Rod Argent (Hold your head up), as well as some other well known songs such as What becomes of the broken hearted.

Colin Blunstone on lead vocals sang well enough but I could not help thinking that he moved like a Thunderbird puppet! Meanwhile Rod Argent bounced behind his keyboards at times seeming to attack it with karate chops.

Working well together, the Zombies produced a melodic and varied set that gave the fans just what they wanted and left us all heading for East Croydon station happy and humming the highlights.

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