18 May 2008

Lead Strategic Manager

I read a newsletter this week issued by somebody with the job title "Lead Strategic Manager for Prevention and Cluster Services" which got me asking questions about the way that the work was organised and managed.
  • Are there managers who do not lead?
  • Are there managers who are not strategic?
  • Do Prevention and Cluster Services fit well together?
  • Just how many managers are there in this department?
An impression that many people have (myself included) is that a lot of the money thrown at Education by the Labour Government in recent years has been wasted by Councils employing people in jobs that are concerned with nebulous concepts such as "facilitation", "co-ordination" and "liaison", rather than directing it to the front-line, e.g. schools, and I wonder if a Lead Strategic Manager for Prevention and Cluster Services is an example of this waste.

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