21 May 2008

Sparks: Propaganda

Propaganda (1974) was Sparks' fourth album and so was the fourth concert in the current series where they are playing all 21 of their albums, in order, in London.

It was also my first concert in the series, I am (only) going to 5 of the 21.

Sparks are using support acts for these concerts, because their own sets are shorter than usual, and the opener for Propaganda was dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip, an interesting and fun mix of serious beats (delivered by a MacBook Pro) and rap (delivered through a long beard). Surprisingly good.

Sparks played Propaganda with a four-piece backing band which updated the sound from the whimsy of 70s electro-pop. Some of the songs were also elongated slightly, simply by repeating the chorus a few more times. Repetition has always been a big part of Sparks' music so a little more of it is a good thing.

Apart from that it was very much Propaganda as I first heard it in 1974, which is just as well as that is what the fans wanted and we all left happy (if slowly, why was only one door open?!).

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