7 May 2008

Multiculturalism works!

Living in London allows you to enjoy the best of many worlds.

Last night I was in an English pub drinking English beer (Naked Ladies from the Twickenham Brewery), eating Indian food (potato and lentil curry) while listening to a live band play Irish music.

Now I am off to the Czech and Slovak Club in West Hampstead for some local food (smazeny syr) and local beer (Pilsner Urquell).


  1. Who knows? On your next night out you might contract an exotic disease, be robbed by a Romanian gang, or be blown up by an Islamic terrorist.

  2. I don't think that that is the point. I could also be hit by a British disease, robbed by a British gang and blown up by British terrorists, and the experience would be much the same - i.e. there is no multicultural aspect to this. Czech food is different from British food but Czech robbers are just like British ones.


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