12 May 2008

Invincible Iron Man #1

Not much doubt about what the comic book event of the week is as the new Invincible Iron Man book hits the shelves just in time to benefit from the success of the film.

People new to comic books who try this out because of the film will not be disappointed as it very much has the same feel to it but they may be confused by some of the differences, e.g. here Jim Rhodes also has an armoured suit and Tony Stark is now teetotal following a long battle with the bottle some years ago (which is hinted at in the film).

But these differences are inconsequential, unlike in Spiderman where the success of the film recently forced the comic to undo many years of continuity to align itself with the film.

The important question is whether the book is any good and the answer to that is a resounding "yes"! The characterisation is spot on, the plot is gripping and worthy of Iron Man (no hopeless "d" list super-villains here) and the artwork beautifully captures the mood, the action and the technology.

This is a really good book.

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