23 May 2008

The Mighty Avengers #14

The Secret Invasion story continues this week in The Might Avengers #14 and while the story is still excellent it is the cover that I want to write about.

It follows the theme of other Secret Invasion covers in having superheroes on the cover with the suggestion that one or more of them might not be who you think they are but are, instead, shape-shifting Skrulls and so are part of the secret invasion force.

This is shown by the Skrull facial characteristics which include the prominent creased chins. Here we see the Vision apparently revealed as a Skrull and overpowering his former colleagues.

What we also see is a homage to the classic Avengers #57 from 1968 which introduced the Vision in the story "Behold The Vision".

It's always a delight when current creators pay their respects to the creators of the past as it shows that they are fans too and that they appreciate that the stories that they are creating today build on, and depend on, the decades of stories that have gone before.

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