5 May 2008

Iron Man is a great movie

As an avid reader of comic books I always look forward to films based on characters I love but the experience has been mixed with the good films (e.g. Batman I and X-Men I) roughly balanced by the weak films (e.g. Hulk and Superman Returns) with quite a few so-so films in the middle (e.g. all 3 Spiderman films). So I am delighted to say that Iron Man is absolutely one of the good films.

The film tells the origin of Iron Man which is a creditable update of the original story with the war theatre changed from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Iron Man is then brought quickly up to date and leaps forty years of comics history in, er, a single bound.

The explosion count for an action movie is fairly low and while their is plenty of high-octane action the real strength of the movie is in the characterisation and dialogue. There are also some laugh out loud moments, particularly when Tony Stark is working with his voice-activated factory robots. The ending is really cute too!

After the film came the obligatory visit to Pizza Express and now comes the wait for the DVD.

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