3 November 2013

Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World follows on from the first film with all of the same ingredients intact.

It has the same characters and the same actors playing them. This time introductions are dispensed with in the safe assumption that everybody has seen the first film. This brings the action to the fore faster and so is a good thing.

The story is rooted in Norse mythology, that is the mood and characters of the myths rather than the actual stories.

This heritage is particularly helpful in building the city of Asgard which is both ancient and modern at the same time.

The modern dialogue and characterisation add a continual layer of humour on top of a world-threatening plot.

There is nothing heavy or difficult about the story and there are large chunks of it that have been seen before (alignment of celestial bodies, etc.) but it does enough to carry the film along while the little touches, like the dialogue, add the texture.

It is all very watchable and it easily kept me entertained for the best part of two hours. I could ask for no more though having seen it at the cinema I'll not be rushing out to get the DVD. I'll watch it again when it hits TV in a couple of years though.

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