5 November 2013

The Book of Mormon was just as good the second time

I am not usually in the habit of seeing shows twice as I do not have that much time that I can afford to see repeats and most of the shows that I see are on short runs so the opportunity is limited.

There was that time when after seeing a matinee performance of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake I was seriously tempted to try and get a ticket for the evening's performance.

So going to see The Book of Mormon again just a few months after seeing it for the first time was a rare event and testament to the show's quality.

This could have been an exact repeat of the previous performance, all of the main roles seemed to be the same people, but there is so much in the script and the staging that a lot of it was new to me.

For example, I had forgotten (or perhaps it was new) that Elder Cunningham had problems remembering Nabulungi's name calling her, amongst other things, Nutella, Necrophilia and Nigela Lawson. Each wrong name got a laugh.

I had remembered that the basics of the show, the script and songs, were good and they were just as good on a second hearing.

I had seen a few people on Twitter saying that they had gone to see Book of Mormon for a second time and now, having done so myself, I can see why. At it's heart it is a good musical with a solid plot, decent songs and genuine warmth.

Add to that lots and lots of neat little touches, like the guest appearances by Darth Vader and Uhura, and you get a show that gives as much the second time as it does the first.

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