22 November 2013

The Firelight Isle by Paul Duffield is beautiful

The Firelight Isle is a new web comic by Paul Duffield, most known for FreakAngels. The first two issues came out today and they are beautiful.

Each segment is told in a series of pictures linked together vertically so the story is read top-to-bottom. This works very well as that is the way that computer and tablet screens scroll.

This is one of the fourteen linked pictures (it's number three). The connections between the images are subtle, or even invisible, and the overall impact is of one image. These are not the sort of panels that are seen in traditional comics.

The vertical approach also gets rid of the vertical constraint, that is each segment of the story is just as high as it needs to be; there is no fixed page size to work to.

It is early days to judge the story but the basic premise and the main characters look interesting and I am hooked. Updates are promised for every Friday though, as with FreakAngels, these will not always be new chapters.

The Firelight Isle is doing something interesting and Paul Duffield's beautiful artwork makes it more than that.

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