14 November 2013

New Avengers is cosmic

There are several Avengers books these days but I am just reading the two by Jonathan Hickman. These are Avengers and New Avengers.

The books tell separate stories but they share the common approach of giving the Avengers problems to solve that address the whole planet or even more than that.

This page sums it up for me. It is in space. It features two of Marvel's most cosmic characters (the Watcher and the Living Tribunal). And it is wordless.

It is obvious that this is a very serious situation that the Avengers have to deal with and not just the latest petty criminal who has invented some sort of unusual weapon.

The two Avengers books are proceeding at different paces too, they both started with new issue #1s at the start of 2013 and New Avengers has kept to the typical monthly schedule and is at issue #10 but Avengers has raced ahead and is now at issue #19. That difference in publishing schedule has helped to keep the two books apart.

The Avengers and New Avengers do come together for the current Infinity storyline, and I'll be saying more about that once it is over.

It is good to see both the Avengers and X-Men back on form (in at least some of their books). Let's hope the next Fantastic Four relaunch early in the new year can do the same for them.

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