23 November 2013

The Thin White Duke at the Fox and Duck, Petersham (November 2013)

I finally found something to keep me away from The Thin White Duke.

Their latest appearance at The Fox and Duck was on 23 November 2013 which has gone down in history as the day that the Dr Who 50th Anniversary Special was broadcast. That did not finish until 9:10pm so it was approaching 9:30 by the time that I got there.

Obviously other people had other priorities and the place was already packed and it took some effort to get to the bar and then find somewhere safe to stand. I tried to avoid the enthusiastic ladies at the front for mortal fear of being dragged in to a dance so I went to the side initially.

The Thin White Duke did what they always do and they did it much skill and style. and it was good to see Simon back on keyboards too.

A couple of friends arrived which forced me back in to the middle (I wanted to take some photos anyway) where I spent the rest of the evening fighting the temptation to dance.

The temptation to sing was irresistible and I joined everybody else in singing along to all the songs, apart from Reality which nobody seemed to know that well.

The pub was in fine mood and did its part to make the evening special. I was pleased that both of the young ladies behind the bar remembered that I drink Doombar (thought that is only because they have no other draught bitters).

The pub, beer and company were all good, my singing less so, but the solid heart of the evening was the music of David Bowie and the band that presented it to us in a way that made each song shine in its own way.

I would like them to add two songs to the set list though. They played just a few bars of Laughing Gnome at the end and the reaction was enough to proof that everybody was keen to sing along to it. And I still think that, in Petersham at least, they should do Helden, the German language version of Heroes.

The Thin White Duke always put on a great show and that is why I have already put their 2014 Petersham dates in my diary.

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