11 November 2013

Kingston upon Thames Society Committee: November 2013

November was a quiet month with no new significant planning applications to discuss but there was still a reasonable amount of business for us to cover.

We decided not to speak and the Seething Wells planning appeal as we had nothing to add to our written submission.

Work had started on Kingston market place. We were concerned about the provision of toilets and agreed to ask the Council about this.

There were two vacancies on the Committee. After some discussion, prompted by my usual request for us to think about how/why we do something before we do it, we made one appointment (a returning member) and decided to approach the HODs team to see if one of them wanted to join.

The decision had been made on the Townscape Awards. Again prompted by me, we had a discussion on if/how we could involve more people in the process next time (2015). I took an action to draft a timetable up showing when we would ask for nominations, draw up a shortlist, make the final decisions, etc. If we get this right then it will involve the members, and general public, more and make the Awards a more important event.

The North Kingston Development Area Consultation had come as something of a surprise and was an indication that the Council worked on things of interest to us without involving us until the formal planning application stage.

We spent some time considering how we could improve our relationship with RBK. Suggestions included circulating the weekly planning lists more widely, tracking all of the relevant Council committees and bringing significant agenda items to the Society for discussion, making sure that we have somebody attending all of the the bodies that we are on and suggesting to the Council how they could improve the information held on their website about planning applications.

The date for Ride London 2014 had been moved to 10 July.

The Kingston Town Neighbourhood was working on the mini-Holland bid.

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