20 November 2013

Celebrating 30 years of Slaine in 2000AD Prog 1848

I am rapidly eating in to my 2000AD backlog and it is now down to 4 issues from 16. That's a real benefit from not having to work away from home for several days each week which I have had to do for the last two years.

The Slaine story is based on Celtic myth and features all sorts of gods and monsters, as well as a troublesome dwarf and an axe called Brainbiter.

I started reading 2000AD with Prog 86 (October '78), when it merged with Star Lord, and I remember when Slaine first appeared in Prog 330 (August '83). The stories have never been complex but they have had a cute mix of myth, gore and humour.

The Slaine celebration was a series of four single-issue stories all written by creator Pat Mills with each drawn by one of Slaine's major artists, these were Mike McMahon, Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley and Clint Langley. I like all of them but have a special fondness for McMahon so it is his cover of Prog 1848 that I have chosen.

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