13 November 2013

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (November 2013)

I always enjoy the monthly BCSA Get to Know You Socials and October's was one of the best.

We normally have about a dozen people there and this month we had around twenty and had to rearrange the tables to accommodate everybody.

I liked the mix of people we had there. A third of them I knew quite well, a third I recognised but little more than that and a third were unknown to me before the evening. I did not do the arithmetic on the split between British, Czech and Slovak people but I suspect that it was somewhat the same though several people had mixed backgrounds and some other countries were involved.

The variety of people that come is one of the things that make the evenings work; for us regulars there are always new people to talk to and for newcomers there are no established cliques blocking them from joining in.

Travel was on many people's minds this month. I shared a few tales of my recent trip to Morocco with other people who had been there and others spoke enthusiastically about trips taken or planned to the Far East. The unexpected topics of conversations are another of those things that make these evenings work.

Rounding off the evening were the usual Czech/Slovak food and drink. For me that meant my traditional beers, Pilsner Urquell followed by Zlaty Bazant, and food, Smazeny Syr. Other people were more adventurous.

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