5 November 2013

Sandra Blow exhibition at Kings Place

I have not been to the London office of CGI/Logica much in the last couple of years as I have been working on projects away from home. That is a shame as I like Kings Place.

The canal-side location is an obvious plus, and so is the gallery.

The gallery is on the lower level, i.e. just below the reception/cafe area, and consists of both a gallery room and also all of the space that surrounds the atrium. This is a large space with high walls and that means that they can show large works, as they did in the Sandra Blow exhibition where some of the canvasses were around 3m x 2m.

This time there were so many works to show that the exhibition spread to the level below (that's Level -2) which is where the concert spaces are.

Sandra Blow's works were abstract paintings and assemblages, i.e. not quite collages but heading that way.

I found some of the smaller works lacked impact. Not only were they small but they tended to be simple in composition and use few colours.

I loved most of the large works though.

This love seemed to be shared as these were priced from £75k to £95k. There is no way on earth that I would ever pay that sort of money for one of these pieces (or have a wall suitable to hang one on) but it was wonderful to have the opportunity to see them.

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