30 January 2008

Out and about in Sao Paulo

As anticipated, I have not seen that much of Sao Paulo this trip but I did see a little more today as we went across to another office. The views from the taxi were quite interesting but sadly a taxi is is not the best place to take photographs so most of the images are merely memories. The overall impression I got was that Sao Paulo is like Birmingham with what may have once been separate towns now all merged into one industrial mass. Hence while the picture I have chosen may not be particularly flattering it is also reasonably representative. And I like it because it has wires in it.

Some other views of Sao Paulo have also peculated through to consciousness after three days of immersion. They employ idiots to invent their fruit drinks, so far I have had pineapple with mint, and orange juice with carrot and beetroot. The idiot theory falls away a bit when I confess that both of these were quite nice. They don't really do beer, even if when they claim Czech heritage by calling it "Bohemia". Their salad bars are very good which is just as well as they do not understand the concept of vegetarianism. Credit cards are the main means of payment for meals, even small value snacks. Just because a card works in one place does not mean that it will work in another (a stranger bought our popcorn and coke last night as we singularly failed to find a way to pay for them).

Tomorrow is my last day here and I shall not be sad to leave, nor shall I long to come back, but it has been an interesting experience none the less and one that I am quite glad that I have had.

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