29 January 2008

Bridge of wires in Sao Paulo

I've been in Sao Paulo, Brazil for about 24 hours so far and this is easily the most interesting thing that I have seen!

I arrived late at night so saw little of the city as I took the long taxi ride from the airport to the Hilton hotel in the Morumbi district. (Finding a way to pay for a taxi is a long story that I'll not bore you with but I have learnt a lesson through it.) Despite the late hour there was still plenty of traffic. There were few pedestrians around but most of the bus stops were busy so I was left wondering how all those people had got to the bus stops without first being pedestrians.

The city's reputation for lawlessness made me cautious but even without that forewarning I saw few parts of the city that I would have been comfortable in had I not been surrounded by metal.

The Hilton Morumbi is one of three towers of circa 30 stories in the development, the Nokia office is in the one next to it and underneath the whole complex is a large shopping centre with several restaurants where we went for both lunch and dinner. That's likely to be the pattern for the next couple of days so even if there is stuff to see in Sao Paulo I am unlikely to see it. Not bothered by that.

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