6 January 2008

Building Schools for the Future

The Labour Government has put vast amounts of money into the building of new schools and the rebuilding/refurbishment of existing schools. This is a good thing generally but unfortunately a lot of the money has been wasted by local councils who have little idea of how to spend the money and by builders who have seen all this extra demand as an excuse to simply put up there prices.

In Kingston upon Thames the local council has asked schools to describe their visions for the future as the start of the process of deciding how to spend the next round of funding. We have responded but the framing of the questions shows just how little the council understands about how schools and schooling are changing and the extent to which they are likely to change over the next fifty years plus, which is the expected life of the new school buildings.

This is one example that explains why I strongly believe that local councils should have nothing to do with the management or organization of schools.

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