3 February 2008

England 19 - 26 Wales

I was brought up on Welsh rugby in the 70's when the large Welsh flag was brought out of the garage and draped over the TV and we warmed up for the games by listening to Max Boyce. In those days Wales usually won and always played attractive running rugby. Since then times have been a little lean but I always wear my replica shirt on match days. So I wore it yesterday and sat down to watch the game with little hope and no expectation. The rest is history.

In a glorious 40 minutes in the second half, Wales came from 16 - 6 down to win convincing 19 -26, the first win at Twickenham for ten years and a sweet revenge for the 62 - 5 mauling also at Twickenham just five months ago.

There are other hard games to come and this may not be the start of a great season for Wales but that does not matter, we beat England.

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