13 January 2008

A busy time for international politics

I'm not sure if it is just because it is the start of a new year or if it is a symptom of a growing instability and uneasiness in the world but my inbox is filling with invitations to meetings and news international developments.

Unfortunately I am unable to attend the meeting organised by CND on 22 January about OPPOSING US MISSILE DEFENCE: A EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE as I shall be working in Kiev then. The speakers include Lubomir ZAORÁLEK MP, Shadow Foreign Minister from the Czech Republic, which is another reason why I would have liked to attend.

One meeting that I should be able to get to is Towards a progressive immigration policy, organised by Compass: direction for the democratic left, on 29 January. If you want to know what my views on immigration are then watch Planet Corduroy by Marcus Brigstocke!

On Saturday 15 March there is a Stop the War march in London which I hope to be on, having been on most of them over the last five years, including the one last year. Incidentally, Marcus Brigstocke was there too.

I have, of course, voted for the anti-Iraq war protesters in the Channel 4 Political awards.

Finally, it is good to see recognition for the International Crisis Group who have just been listed as one of the top ten think-tanks in the world. They continue to provide thoughtfully analysis on all the potential crisis situations in the world (there ate lots of them). Anyone who wants a broad understanding of what is happening in the world would do well to start here.

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