26 January 2008

A happy early birthday present for me

Travel for work has rather got in the way of my birthday this year, as I'll be spending most of the day itself flying to Brazil, but the good news is that this meant that I got my main present early.

During a short play with an iPod Touch in the Apple shop in Kingston upon Thames, I managed to get a map and check the weather forecast for Sao Paulo (it is going to be very wet), send a couple of emails, spend my gold on Kings of Chaos and have a fun time doing all this. And in the few hours since owning one I have read some emails, checked the football scores and had even more fun.

I'll also use it as an iPod too and I have loaded my other present, Neil Gaiman reading his preferred version of Neverwhere, to listen to during my two long-haul flights this week. I'll also be taking my iPod Nano to catch up on some podcasts and my iPod Shuffle for the music!

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  1. My old 30-gig iPod seems to be rather a representative of the past, iPod Stone Age. Have fun, enjoy!


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