18 January 2008

BCSA meeting at the BAFTA

I have mixed feelings about meetings, some are very interesting and productive (BACEE, TFPL Bath Club, some work meetings) while others (most at Lambeth Council or at Kingston Council) are a depressing waste of time. However, even the most boring meeting can be rescued by a good location, and a good location makes a good meeting even better.

On Thursday we had a BCSA meeting at BAFTA, which is in the heart of London at 195 Piccadilly. The image above is familiar as the design for the BAFTA Awards but this one is about a metre tall and decorates the stairwell just below the second floor bar.

We had our meeting in a quiet corner of the bar (sadly, due to severe delays on the Piccadilly Line, I arrived too late to enjoy a drink before the meeting) which has this rather lovely ceiling.

The meeting itself was OK though (to be very stereotypical) I had a hard time explaining Facebook to Czechoslovak ex-pats in their golden years! I ended up taking lots of actions, which I tend to do at meetings, another reason for not liking them!

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