3 December 2006

Together in Electric Dreams

Not my usual sort of concert (i.e. full-on rock) but going to see the Human League seemed like a good idea at the time, and it was! I went with Pete, as usual, who made no allowance for the "gay disco" atmosphere and wore his usual jeans, t-shirt and black jacket whereas I made an effort and wore some smart casual trousers and a Liberty pattern (Hera, actually) shirt. Everybody else was wearing jeans and t-shirts :-(

We didn't fancy the support band very much so set off from Ham at 7:30 and got to the Shepherds Bush Empire an hour later, just as the support was finishing. The Human League came on at 9pm and played for about an hour and a half.

The set was very much a greatest hits collection with several tracks off Dare and other well-known stuff like The Lebanon, a highlight of the evening. There were only one or two tracks that I did not recognise and it's possible that these came from their latest album, Secrets, which I do own but can't remember! The main set ended with the singalong classic "Don't you want me Baby" and the final encore was the equally catchy "Together in Electric Dreams".

Despite the familiar tunes the crowd was fairly static and even though we were in whatever the dance equivalent of the mosh pit is there was little more than a bit of side-to-side swaying, which was fine with me because that's about the limit of my dancing.

The journey home was a pig thanks to a "passenger incident" on the District Line. Ended up catching a bus back from Hammersmith which went through parts of west London that I had never been to before. Luckily it was Friday so the pubs in Richmond were open to 12pm (or later) and so we managed to get a couple of pints of Discovery in before finally going home.

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