3 December 2006

Piggy Goes Oink

When I started this blog I thought that I would be writing lots of stuff about being a school governor, Knowledge Management, politics, architecture, travel, etc., but here's another post on Two Pints...!

It's Sunday evening and I've got back from the pub just in time to catch the double bill on BBC Three, it's the start of series 4 and I'm about to watch the mega-classic "Piggy Goes Oink". Wicked!

I am very pleased that somebody very senior at the BBC is reading this blog; obviously they have read my last entry on Two Pints ... so the last episode of series 6 has been followed by the first episode of series 3, which I said was the high point of the six series.


  1. 'Two Pints....' wicked series, Baldrick

  2. Piggy Goes Oink was on again tonight (29 December) so obviously I watched it yet again :-) Matthew


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