18 December 2006

Czech mates

One of the ways that the British Czech and Slovak Association shares knowledge of the culture of the three countries is through regular "get to know you" socials at the Czech and Slovak Club in West Hampstead, London.

At the gathering last week I followed my tradition by arriving early so that I could have some smazeny syr (cheese fried in breadcrumbs) in the restaurant before the getogether started and then staying until the end of the evening, which was when the bar closed at 11pm. The time in the middle was spent drinking Pilsner Urquell and enjoying the company of people who were linked by having some connection to the Czech and/or Slovak republics.

One of the people who came along worked with me in Prague around twelve years ago, we even shared a flat for a while out in Malesice, Prague 10.

Also there were a couple who were about to make the brave, but exciting, move out there. They had just found a flat to live in and were enthusiastically showing us where the flat was and photos of it. I must say that it all looked rather tempting. You can read more of their story here.

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  1. I expect to see you over in Prague for some beers. Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2007!



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