8 December 2006

Leaving Lambeth, (re)joining LogicaCMG

Well... working for local government again did not quite work out as I hoped and so, just like last time, I'm off to Logica, only now they are called LogicaCMG and have a management consultancy division.

In the last couple of years I have turned down a few job offers, and not been made a few that I was expecting, but LogicaCMG went very smoothly. I had my first interview in late September and we hit it off so well that we skipped the second interview and went straight for the third and final interview, but I felt then that I had the job and that I wanted it.

The third interview was in early October and was more of a chat than anything else, though some of the questions were rather probing and challenging! I was even more convinced that I wanted to join LogicaCMG when my interviewer sketched out a 2x2 matrix, which is just the sort of thing that I do during discussions.

The offer came soon after but it made little sense to move just before the Christmas break and so we agreed on a start date of 8 January. This meant that I knew that I was leaving almost two months before I handed my notice in. I resigned on Thursday and, subject to final confirmation, my last day at Lambeth will be Friday 22 December and I will then have my 7 remaining days holiday over Christmas and New Year.

And things get even better; I got an email from LogicaCMG today inviting me to the New Year conference on 5 January (i.e. before I officially join them) which I am looking forward to.

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