31 December 2006

The Fabulous Ms Angel is, er, fabulous

Went to see Space Ritual yet again last night (that's the third time in the last couple of months and the fourth time this year) at the Inn on The Green, Ladbroke Grove.

As you can see from the picture, I was right at the front in the middle (as usual) to get the best view of the band. It also meant that I had The Fabulous Ms Angel dancing just infront of me for most of the evening - well worth the £5 entrance fee on its own!

The set was much as usual but they seemed to play fewer songs while still delivering a two hour set. The absent songs included Spirit of the Age and Otherworld, both of which I missed greatly.

There was a set list for the evening (I took a photo of it) but they stopped following it about half way through for some reason. Perhaps because of this the gig fell apart a little, the individual songs were good but there was no momentum due to the gaps between them (not quite as bad a Tom Verlaine last year who retuned his guitar after every song). The end was also a littledisappointingg as the end was announced suddenly and there was no encore.

Space Ritual below par are still worth watching and I'm sure that I'll be seeing them again before too long.

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