8 December 2006

Thunderbird is go!

It's about time that I used this blog to promote open software!

Most people will have heard of the Firefox browser (and quite a lot of people now use it) but the Thunderbird email client also deserves a mention.

I have to use Outlook every day at work but I use Thunderbird at home simply because it is better. Superficially they are much the same and behave much the same way but Thunderbird gives you that much more.

The single biggest advantage of Thunderbird to me is the search facility that is on every screen.

This lets you filter the folder that you are looking at (e.g. the inbox) by a character string in the subject or sender's email address. So, for example, to see all the emails that I've got from the local council (I get lots of these), I simply type "rbk" in the filter box - no extra windows!

I tag emails in to groups, such as those relating to a specific organisation that I belong to (I usually identify the appropriate group from the sender's email address but there are other ways to do this), and I can also use these tags to filter my emails, e.g. to see just those that relate to a specific organisation.

How much do I like Thunderbird?! Enough to buy the t-shirt!

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