10 July 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 10 July 2013

I like this busy splash page from Astro City #2 by Brent Anderson because of its vertical construction and its business.The heroes, underlings and Volcanus form three vertical stripes and there is something happening in every section of the page so my eye keeps wandering over it finding new things.

Composition and colour make this cover sparkle. There is nothing obviously clever about the art, and that's why it is clever.

I chose the cover of Batman last month for the same reason that I have chosen it this, the iconography. The bat symbol tells you who the hero is and the forging of the symbol in a furnace tells you something about the power of that hero. Amazing work to say so much without Batman being there.

Batman is in this one and it is the mysterious and Gothic Batman that I know and like the most. Batman lives in dark quarters and performs dark deeds and this is exactly what that looks like.

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