17 July 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 17 July 2013

A return visit to Brother Lono (100 Bullets) drawn by Eduardo Risso for much the same reason that I chose it last time, the layout of the page, the clarity and simplicity of the drawing and the cute use of black. It is very pretty.

There is a red theme this week, and it starts here with Animal Man in a strong pose made all the more dramatic by the use of grey for the characters and the lack of any background.

The half-human half-machine thing has been done many times before but I have never seen it done as effectively as this.

Wonder Women got selected because of the Constructivism inspired design, including the rays of sunlight in the background and the reversed "R"s in the caption. I love Constructivism.

I like black too and it is used magnificently here to capture the essence of two creatures of the night.

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