21 July 2013

Willoughby Pub Quiz (July 2013)

I am still doing fairly regular stints as Question Master of the Willoughby Pub Quiz on a Sunday night even though it usually finishes sometime after midnight and I have to get up at 6am the next day to travel to Cardiff.

I try to include a picture round in my quizzes, despite the significant extra work that this makes, though I can only do this when I have ready access to a printer at work (printers, like fax machines, belong in distant history).

Stamps are a regular source for my picture rounds, thanks to CollectGBStamps, and this month that gave me an opportunity to return to the butterflies of the infamously low-scoring round from a few years ago.

The answers to these pictures are:

  • 78p, 88p, £1.88
  • European Eel, Crucian Carp, Cadis-fly Larva, Arctic Char,
  • Fairy Shrimp, Lesser Silver Water Beetle, Three-spined Stickleback, Smooth Newt,
  • Emperor Dragonfly, Common Toad, Glutinous Snail, Perch,
  • Comma, Orange Tip, Marbled White, Red Admiral, Marsh Fritillary, Brimstone, Swallowtail, Small Copper, Chalkhill Blue, Purple Emperor,
I am a generous Quiz Master and gave a 1/2 mark for anything close, e.g. "beetle" instead of "water beetle".

This was not a very high scoring round either!

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