26 July 2013

Le nozze di Figaro at Glyndebourne (2013)

My fourth and final visit to the Glyndebourne Festival 2013 was to see Le nozze di Figaro and, thanks to the vagaries of the booking system came just two days after my previous visit.

I also saw this production in 2012 and was not desperate to see it again. My mind was changed when one of my friends chose to see it, and I'm glad he did.

This friend was more interested in the Glyndebourne experience than the actual opera so we opted for the cheapest seats and for £45 we were on the curve of the Upper Circle in Restricted View seats. Mine proved to be better than the one I had paid £150 for a couple of days earlier as I was able to see easily through the safety rail. The view was better than indicated in the photo below as that was taken surreptitiously at chest height and at eye height the lower bar did not come in to play.

Taking a friend to Glyndebourne meant doing the full tour of the garden beforehand, and I had no complaints about doing that on another fine Summer's day. The garden that looked bare at the start of the year looked a lot better with the flowers having grown to fill most of the gaps between them.

Le nozze di Figaro is the definitive opera of its type, just as Swan Lake is the definitive ballet, and there is so much to enjoy in the familiar music and the complex story. This Glyndebourne production was excellent with simple yet evocative sets, lots of deft little touches and superb acting throughout, especially from Susanna. I remarked on the acting last time but it made an even stronger impression this time.

Being in the cheapest seats made not one of jot of difference to my enjoyment either and I'll give them a another go another time.

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