13 July 2013

Cry Wolf at the Fox and Duck

It had been a very hot sunny day and I dared not venture out until the sun had started to set and then I risked going out for a walk. I took the scenic route across Ham Common and then along some of the Ham Avenues (i.e. the paths called Great South Avenue, Melancholy Walk and Petersham Avenue) which brought me out in to Petersham and, obviously, the Fox and Duck.

There was a plan in this as I knew that rock covers band Cry Wolf were due on around 9:30 so there would be something good to listen to while I downed a pint or two of Young's Ordinary.

Cry Wolf duly obliged with a string of (mostly) recognisable songs like Start me Up, Paranoid, Hush, No Matter What and Get Back.

It was OK but it failed to click with me. Perhaps it was the selection of the songs, perhaps it was too loud, perhaps it was too hot or perhaps the covers were too close to the originals to be interesting.

They played for about forty minutes and then took a break. I had a decision to make then, have another pint and stay for the rest of the evening or walk home. I checked the TV listings and saw that Aliens (best. film. ever.) was due to start in twenty minutes and that was suddenly an easy decision to make.

It was a little disappointing but nothing like bad enough to deter me from trying another band there soon.

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