1 July 2013

Kingston upon Thames Society Committee: July 2013

We had fewer people than usual for our Committee Meeting in July, even volunteers take holidays, and that may be why we had no big debates, just lots of little ones.

Penny School, we were still chasing to find somebody whom we could apply for a local listing to. We were concerned that they might demolish the school soon.

Vicarage Road development with two tall blocks was expected to go Committee for decision soon, probably in September.

Market Place, the traders issue was resolving with traders making individual decisions but we still had general queries over the relationship between RBK and KingstonFirst over the strategic management of this key feature of Kingston Town.

Some of these questions may be answered when the Project Manager for the Market Place speaks at the Kingston Society Monthly Meeting on 17 July.

Managing the Society, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to keep the Society going and in July we discussed, amongst other things, catering at the AGM and I think I've volunteered to produce some forms.

Heritage Open Days finally got some funding from RBK via the Kingston Town Neighbourhood.

Kingston Futures has been established to do shape making building on the earlier K+20 work. A number of opportunity sites have been identified but almost all owned privately so there is a limit to what the Council can achieve.

Place and Sustainability Committee was discovered by accident (by me using my iPhone during the meeting). This looks to cover a lot of the topics that we are interested in, judging by the agenda for the meeting on 9 July. We shadow several RBK committees but not this one. Perhaps we should.

Gala Bingo Hall, we liked the plans drawn up by the developers CNM Estates because they retained and restored many of the Art Deco features; sadly some had been permanently lost.

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